HIQ is the best solution designed for easy and efficient automation in any type of building.

Take the full control of your home or office, set the perfect mood and save the settings for your future comfort.

  • Light & Shade: choose the perfect light color and intensity through your lights and blinds control
  • Thermal Conditions: get warm in winter or cold in summer for your best comfort
  • Fresh air: temperature, composition and humidity are the basis for comfort and health
  • Intuitive Control: it just can’t get easier than HIQ combined with your smart device
  • Automations: smartphones and automations work together and make things happen



HIQ is designed and manufactured in Europe. Industrial automation experience contributes to flexibility and reliability, which is necessary to achieve performance and provide long service life. We believe in reliability by design and in strict quality assurance.

  • EN-61131-3: standard programming language is used for added interoperability
  • IEX-II: intelligent expansion modules work even if communication is interrupted
  • Automatic network backup function protects programs and data
  • Safe communication to the internet prevents data fraud
Safety & Security

HIQ uses all available sensors, learns your habits and uses HIQ Universe Artificial Intelligence to detect and predict abnormal and dangerous situations.

  • Intrusion: HIQ uses all available sensors to take care of building security and safety. If an abnormal action is detected, HIQ will inform you and your service provider
  • Gas, water: sensors are connected to detect dangerous gas levels, flood or any other hazardous situation
  • Fire: a fast increase in temperature means potential fire hazards. Your HIQ-home will detect it and inform you and your service provider
Assisted living

HIQ with its sensors and actuators brings “senses and muscles” to the buildings. HIQ Universe adds intelligence and data for a new user experience.

  • Routine detection and violation: sensors and machine learning are used to understand daily routines and deviations
  • Reminders: remind and motivate users
  • Physical support: use actuators to help users
  • Wearable devices: combine building data and measurements from wearable devices
  • Track users: know where users are, act and send notifications
  • Mood manipulation: use light, air, smell and others to improve mood

Connected buildings get access to a whole world of new opportunities ranging from simple services to Smart City integration and cooperative economy.

  • Cloud: HIQ connects with HIQ Universe, MS Azure, IBM Watson and many more
  • IoT: HIQ cooperates with IoT “things”
  • Other vendors Systems: standardized systems using Modbus, IP500, BACnet, OPC, MQTT and other protocols can cooperate with HIQ
  • Smartphones & voice: HIQ cooperates with Android, IOS, Alexa and other services

Automation in combination with HIQ Universe cloud services and Cognitive Optimization System (COS) provides an exceptional efficiency boosting combination leading to the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

  • Energy Efficiency: energy monitoring, automatic rules and machine learning save energy
  • Smart Grids: benefit from dynamic energy pricing, buy and sell energy. Choose your best provider and pricing model
  • Business intelligence: the integration of buildings and the businesses in them provide further benefits through informed action, mood manipulation and data integration
  • Facility Management: connect buildings to facility manager for better maintenance


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