Products and solutions

HIQ is the best solution for you - here's why:
HIQ Hospitality

Now, for the first time in the history, designers, architects and others, who design and operate hotels, can further improve user experience through automation, scenic effects and well-being in every part of the hotel.

HIQ provides all the necessary functionalities to satisfy hospitality specific needs. Operating costs are dramatically reduced, while guests can enjoy unique advantages.

HIQ Home

It is an integrated part of the home and we have designed it to let users enjoy unprecedented comfort, class and safety. All devices are wired and interconnected through intelligent controllers and provide freedom of functionality, possibility to evolve, connect and change.

HIQ guarantees fast and reliable operation. The user can access and control everything from anywhere with a smartphone and the internet. They can subscribe to various services and enjoy the amenities internet and IOT provide.

HIQ Business

HIQ controllers and control modules can control everything in and around buildings. With configurable pre-programed functionalities, which allow fast and simple integration that ultimately reduce installation and integration costs.

Fully programmable controllers allow system integrators full freedom in programming the optimal and customized solution. HIQ cooperates with any other system and can communicate with all relevant clouds; HIQ Universe, MS Azure, IBM-Watson, Amazon and others.

HIQ Assisted living

HIQ Lifestyle Assistance is a system of integrated devices and software that is targeted for building automation. The system enables young people to fully enjoy all the benefits a modern smart building can offer, while the elderly are empowered to live a normal and independent life at home. It fully supports their daily activities, helps them exercise and protects them. It understands deviations from the standard daily routine and acts if necessary.

The basic functionality that is implemented directly on the module (such as HIQ-DC or HIQ-HC) ensures safe and reliable operation even when the internet connection is interrupted or broken.

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Partnership Opportunities

Collaborating with Robotina means having access to products, solutions and experience. With our HIQ Unique program, customers can grab the opportunity of full service and customized products directly from the manufacturer. Be part of our innovation process. We believe in partnership and we do help our partners grow.
Project consultant

HIQ solutions present a great new business opportunity: a simple to acquire know-how and full support for the vertical and horizontal growth of your business.

Choose HIQ and enjoy the following advantages:

  • solve your clients’ challenges with the best solution on the market
  • know more; understand better and widen your scope
  • become an expert with the help of our support team and our vast knowledge-base
  • provide flexible and fully customizable solutions.
Automation & Control Vendors

HIQ Solutions consists of top sellable products, meaning a safe and simple new business opportunity, a long-term partnership, and your investment is safe.

With HIQ you will:

  • build your authority in the field of building and home automation
  • get all the know-how and support to cater to your buyers’ needs
  • enable the end users to enjoy a scalable always-modern solution
  • build a long-term business in a growing industry
Facility developers

HIQ Solutions add value to your project: you will gain exclusive access to real home automation and become a provider of Smart Home solutions that work.

With HIQ you’ll be able to:

  • offer top-quality finely tailored solutions and the best possible user experience
  • provide comfort, safety, an efficient, modern and stylish touch to your project
  • offer future vision, the lowest total cost of ownership, optimal facility management and achieve synergic effects
  • customize and position your project to maximize your earnings from happy customers