HIQ – Your Home’s IQ

Not every house or apartment can be called home. It’s the feeling of comfort and safety that makes a place home. And energy efficiency too. You can have them at the tip of your fingers, manually or automatically.


HiQ is your intuitive, easy to use and reliable native smart home system, consisting of intelligent devices and software which enables you to take total control of your home. You can, for instance, chose when your blinds go up and down and when the lights are on/off without standing up to do so (or even be at home). You chose who can enter your little kingdom and who cannot.
And you can make the world a better place by careful use of energy. All you need to do is push buttons or tap your finger on your smart device.
Create scenes to save and recall the desired settings and don’t forget to subscribe to HiQ UNIVERSE to access your home via the internet and enjoy all the innovative services we offer.
Sounds exciting? It is!


Let There Be Light!
Or darkness if you wish. You can control your lights individually via a simple interface where you can turn them on or off and decide whether you want them dimmed or bright. The lights are not there just to make the darkness go away, they also set the mood in your home.
If you own RGB LEDs you are able to change the color and further enhance your experience or have the white light mimic the sun.
HiQ HOME can also handle sockets for standalone lights (and all other kinds of appliances) in a similar way.
The simplest ways to let light in are shades and blinds — they are fully controllable too. And even more, you can program them to roll up and let the sunshine wake you up in the morning.


Something To Keep You Warm …
… and sometimes cold too when the heat outside becomes unbearable. HiQ HOME lets you set the perfect temperature for yourself and your loved ones, whether you use AC, radiators, fan coils or active floor or ceiling.
You can set temperature for each room individually by using several thermostats and connect them to the system.


Your Home Is A Safe Place.
Let it stay that way. Let HiQ HOME use installed sensors to detect all unusual activities when you’re away. Persona non grata entering your home, gas leak, flood, fire, or one’s daily routine violation — be the first to know.


Wasting Energy? Wasting Money!
HiQ HOME lets you monitor all the energy needed to light your home, keep your rooms warm/cool and safeguard your little kingdom. Advanced artificial intelligence based algorithms, machine learning and connected services can save energy, let you enjoy smart grid benefits and be sustainable. Take informed decisions or let HiQ HOME save energy for you. Advanced machine learning also provide dramatic effects on energy saving and improved security.


And You Don’t Even Have To Be Home To Be Home!
While you’re away you can use your smart device and internet to connect to HiQ COMMANDER and still have full control of your home and create perfect lighting and temperature for the warm welcome.


Expand. Upgrade. Modify. And Do It Often.
HiQ HOME is not a closed system — it’s fully customizable and you can freely add units of home equipment and upgrade the software anytime. We take great efforts to constantly improve it and ensure the best experience possible while keeping installation and configuration as simple as possible.
And furthermore, HiQ HOME learns from you and can gradually adjust all the settings exactly the way you would want them to ensure the best comfort.
HiQ HOME will greatly improve your comfort, safety & security, efficiency and lifestyle.
Find out more: drop us a line to info@robotina.com or call +386 5 689 2020 and become part of the smart home movement today!